Allylamine Series
       Diallylamine Hydrochloride
Dially dimethyl ammonium chloride monomer
Polymer Series
       Poly(Dially Dimethyl ammonium         Chloride)
       Poly(DMDAAC/AM) Series
       Poly(allylamine hydrochloride)
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       Cationic polymer flocculant-I
       Cationic polymer flocculant-Ⅱ
       Wastewater decolorant
        Water treatment coagulant
        High efficient oil-water separator         agent
Pulp&Paper additives
       AKDsizing promotor
       Anionic trash catcher
       Papermaking cationic retention         and drainage aid
       Papermaking amphoteric dry         strength agent
       Color fixing for         strength agent
       Papermaking cationic conductive         additives
Textile dyeing auxiliaries
       Formaldehyde-Free Color-Fixing
       Leather brightenung and color

        -fixing agent

        Textile antistatic agent
Oilfield auxiliaries
       Cationic improver of drilling         agent  
       Sand control fluid modifier
       Cationic additive in acid and         fracturing fluid
       Cationic clay stabilizing agent
Daily chemicals additives
        Low-content dichloroethane
Fertilizer type
       Sulfur coated urea slow release fertilizer
        Mixed fertilizer (BB)
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【Product code】:
【CAS NO.】:
【Molecular formula】:
【Structural formula】:
It is transparent and colorless to yellowish liquid, has ammoniac odor. Relative density(water=1):0.809g/cm3 melting point:-70°C, boiling point:155-156°C, flash point:39.4°C.



Test Method






DIN ISO 51777



DIN ISO 6271

Triallylamine is mainly applied in organic synthesis and resin modifier, also can be used in the crosslinking of high absorbent and the intermediates of ion exchange resin. According to some reports, it can be used in producing polyester activator and the evocating agent of butadiene polymerization
160kg PE Drum.
Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, avoid contacting strong oxidants, keep away from open fire. The term of validity: Three years. Transportation: Dangerous goods.

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